Понеділок, 27 Вересня, 2021

    Ukrainian activists expose two prominent propagandists operating under Russian church cover

    The Peacemaker Center, which adds to its database information about persons posing a threat to the Ukrainian state and society or have committed crimes against the foundations of national security, has filed its latest entry on the two high-profile propaganda assets promoting the ideas of the so-called “Russian World”, operating under the cover of the Moscow Patriarchate.

    ROC archpriest in Cyprus and abbot at the Limassol Russian-speaking community of St. Nicholas, Pavel Povalyaev and a parishioner with the same community, propagandist Alexander Borislavsky, have both been put into the “purgatory”, the Information Resistance outlet reports, referring to the relevant database.

    Povalyaev is said to be a distributor of the Kremlin’s “Russian World”, violator of national legislation due to obtaining a second citizenship, which is prohibited in Ukraine, as well as opponent of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy’s independence from the ROC.

    It is reported that the Russian-speaking community of St. Nicholas in Limassol is closely affiliated with the Russian intelligence, including with the incumbent chief of the SVR agency, Sergei Naryshkin.

    Povalyaev fled Ukraine at the onset of Russian aggression in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. He was granted Russian citizenship by a special decree issued by President Vladimir Putin. Up until late 2017, he had been working in Oslo, Norway.

    After Norwegian counterintelligence exposed Russian spy Dmitry Linov working under diplomatic cover, Linov, along with Pavel Povalyaev, were transferred to Cyprus, where they both continued their service for Russia.

    “Comrade” Alexander Borislavsky has a broader record that put him into the “purgatory”. The memo says he is an ROC’s agent of influence; anti-Ukrainian propagandist; opponent of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy’s independence from the ROC; spreader of Kremlin’s “Russian World” propaganda; violator of national legislation who obtained a second citizenship, which is prohibited in Ukraine, and also an active member of the human asset network run by Russia’s special services in Cyprus under the cover of the Russian-speaking parish of St. Nicholas.

    Borislavsky has changed his last name from Kishko after marrying Svetlana Borislavskaya, with whom he later moved to Cyprus.

    Alexander Borislavsky is formally unemployed. He makes a living as a photographer with the said Orthodox community and gets paid for publishing opeds and comments promoting the “Russian World”, spitting hate for Cyprus, Ukraine, while praising Russia and the ROC.

    Most of his texts he post on his Telegram channel “Religion and Politics” where he posts under the aliases “Alexander Voznesensky” and “Alexander Pasichnik”.

    He is reported to be in regular contact with active operatives of the Russian secret services and Russia’s agents of influence in Cyprus.

    “The Peacemaker Center appeals to law enforcement to consider the entry on the site as a report on a citizen who has committed deliberate acts to the detriment of national security of Ukraine, international security, humanity and international law, as well as other offenses,” the Ukrainian NGO has stated.