Wednesday, July 24, 2024

    Moscow Patriarchate to face “attacks” in Moldova – opposition’s Dodon

    The Moldovan authorities are plotting an attack on the Russian Orthodox Church in Moldova, the result of which may be the seizure of monastery buildings and the expulsion of Moscow Patriarchate’s monks from them, former president of the Republic, leader of the opposition Party of Socialists Igor Dodon reported via Telegram.

    “With the help of judges under their control, the current ruling regime is preparing a direct attack on the Orthodox Church and its assets. An example is the decision of the Appellate Chamber of Chisinau on April 5 of this year, which annulled two (lease – ed.) contracts between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic and the Orthodox Church of Moldova. The consequence of such a decision may be the confiscation of monastery buildings from the Church and the expulsion of monks from there,” Dodon wrote.

    The Orthodox Church of Moldova is part of the Russian Orthodox Church. It unites part of the inhabitants of Moldova and Transnistria. The Russian Orthodox Church in Moldova is divided into six dioceses and has about 1,300 parishes. The Bessarabian Metropolis of the Romanian Orthodox Church also operates in the country. It unites 291 parishes and about 10-20% of Orthodox believers. Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova Vladimir (Kantaryan) has repeatedly expressed his regret that the current government avoids dialogue with the Russian Orthodox Church in Moldova.

    It should be recalled that the Russian Orthodox Church banned from religious services four Moldovan priests who joined the Romanian Patriarchate.