Sunday, July 21, 2024

    ROC Metropolitan: Russia’s “special military operation” holy war against Satanism

    The so-called II International Anti-Fascist Congress and the Conference “Nazism in Ukraine: View through the Prism of a Special Military Operation” took place in Russia and Belarus via video link.

    According to the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Kirill of Stavropol and Nevinnomisk, head of the Synodal Department for Cooperation with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement, took part in the event.

    He delivered a speech in which he focused the participants’ attention on the religious context of the so-called “special military operation”. In his opinion, Russia is waging a “holy war with Satanism.” “Nazism, fascism, which we see in Ukraine, in particular the destruction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, is a part of global evil, Satanism. It is no coincidence that today even, in my opinion, non-religious experts, political scientists, seeing what is happening during a special military operation, point out that it is a holy war. This is a war with Satanism,” claimed the Russian cleric.

    The text of his address has not yet been published. However, even from this short excerpt, it is obvious that it once again justifies Russian aggression against Ukraine. It is also written in the style of Russian propaganda, albeit in a religious wrapper. As a matter of fact, this is what the representatives of the ROC have been doing for more than a year. We have already exposed similar cases in our previous publications.

    All this once again proves that the Russian Orthodox Church has turned into a mere ideological unit of the Kremlin, which justifies and sacralizes all of its crimes. As we have already noted, this is not done out of compulsion, but out of good will because the Moscow Patriarchate itself is interested in the war against Ukraine. Thus, Moscow churchmen become complicit in Russian aggression. However, in the future they will be held accountable for their deliberate lies, by both earthly and heavenly courts.