Wednesday, May 31, 2023

    Desire to go to war against Ukrainians helps ROC cleric lift ban on holding religious services

    Netizens recently pointed to the decree published on March 22 on the website of the Moscow Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church, signed by Metropolitan Pavel (Ponomaryov), in which he praises the cleric for being willing to go to war against Ukraine.

    Due to such “good intentions”, the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church decided to remove the priest’s ban on holding religious services.

    “In view of his sincere repentance and intention to go to serve in the SMO zone, Archpriest Igor Petrovich Tarasov’s ban on religious services shall be lifted from March 22, 2023,” reads the decree of the Metropolitan of the Moscow Patriarchate.

    In April 2018, Tarasov took part in protests among other colomna residents against “foreign” garbage trucks that had been bringing waste to the local landfill. Tarasov is also an active fighter against the “electronic concentration camp” and ecumenism, who sympathized with the ideas of the terrorist “Novorossiya”, admired the articles of the propaganda outlet “Russian People’s Line”.

    However, this track record was not enough to renew Tarasov’s “rank”. Only priest Tarasov’s desire to go help Russian troops kill Ukrainians “softened” the heart of the ROC hierarch. This testifies to the “high” spirituality of Russians and their life priorities.