Thursday, January 19, 2023

    “It’s about disguise” – OCU head on UOC-MP’s “independence”

    The UOC-MP at the Council held in Feofania in fact disguised its Russian affiliation, rather than becoming truly independent. Metropolitan Epiphany told about this in an interview with the Suspilne public broadcaster.

    Responding to a journalist’s question about the independence of the UOC-MP, Metropolitan Epifaniy said: “No. In fact, what happened was only about disguise. They wanted to do everything to claim that they are leaving Moscow, that they are an independent church, but in reality this never happenned. The statute, which was adopted in late May, has not been published until now. There is a certain game going on in order to preserve the situation that existed before February 24. They seek to maintain their positions, because for Putin the spiritual component of this war is very important, and he exploits it quite successfully. As in Russia, we now see what Kirill Gundyaev preaches, fully supporting the Russian government, backing military mobilization, He even promises those who will kill Ukrainians that they will thus cleanse their sins, protecting so-called holy Russia, the triune people. Therefore, the church plays a very important role.”

    Metropolitan Epifaniy noted that now the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine is a single, large structure, a huge organization that has a direct institutional connection with Moscow.

    “Over the last months, Ukraine practically severed all relations, economically and informationally protected itself by banning pro-Russian channels, banning pro-Russian parties in the Verkhovna Rada, although these parties had no direct institutional connection with Moscow, while the church does have a direct institutional connection with Moscow, now being the last such outpost of the Russian Federation and Putin in Ukraine. Perhaps some fail to understand this, but these spiritual tentacles penetrate very deeply into human souls, and therefore we must also keep an eye on this, so that we can finally fully defeat the aggressor.”