Thursday, October 6, 2022

    Most Ukrainians prioritize citizenship over language – survey

    The absolute majority – 85% – of the population of Ukraine consider themselves, first of all, citizens of their country, regardless of what language they speak.

    That’s according to a recent poll conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology.

    In addition, almost 4% referred to themselves as citizens of the world or Europe. About 3% identify primarily with an ethnic group or nation. A little less than 1% of respondents consider themselves citizens of the former Soviet Union.

    “Therefore, with few exceptions, the population of Ukraine considers themselves first and foremost citizens of their country,” sociologists note.

    At the same time, among different social categories of the population – age, regional, linguistic and ethnic, gender and settlement – there is no great difference in regard to this indicator. Thus, among residents of the East, 81% consider themselves primarily citizens of Ukraine, among Russian-speaking Ukrainians – 81%.

    In turn, respondents who used different variants of a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian during communication practically did not differ in their answers from respondents who used exclusively Ukrainian.