Thursday, July 7, 2022

    After blasts in Belgorod, ROC Metropolitan calls for “stopping bloodshed in Ukraine”

    In the wake of the recent explosions that rocked the Russian city of Belgorod, some ROC hierarchs remembered the Bible and began to talk about reconciliation with Ukraine and an end to the bloodshed.

    Metropolitan Ioann (Popov) of Belgorod and Starooskol said it was time to “turn swords into plowshares.” His address appeared on the website of the Belgorod Metropolitanate after the blasts were heard in the city of Belgorod on the night of July 3. At least four were killed and as many injured as a result of the explosion.

    “We call for prayers for the repose of the dead and for the recovery of the injured, for an end to the bloodshed that is taking place on Ukrainian soil, but today it has also come to our homes,” Russian Metropolitan Ioan of the Russian Orthodox Church said, addressing believers.

    At the same time, the hierarch accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of shelling Russian territory. However, blogger Denys Kazansky noted that Belgorod was attacked with Pantsir missiles, which Ukraine doesn’t have in service.

    Kazantsev suggests that something went wrong with the Russian missile attack and some missiles could have gone rogue and hit the Russian territory. It has already happened before in temporarily occupied Alchevsk.

    It should be recalled that across the occupied Donetsk region, an enemy ammunition depot was blown up. At least 240 places of worship were damaged in the Russian attacks.