Thursday, July 7, 2022

    UOC-MP not a church, but FSB-controlled organization – People’s Deputy Pipa

    Ukrainian lawmaker Natalia Pipa  believes that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is playing chameleon under the pressure of the political situation, so as not to lose its parishioners but its activities will never change.

    She expressed her opinion on the air of Espreso TV.

    “If this church really sought any changes, it would become part of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU). The teaching of these churches is in fact the same, the only question is who rules, who has power, who’s a decision-maker, and who funds them. The [UOC-MP – ed.] Council said they did not want to merge with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, saying that the OCU was not what they wanted it to be. And the UOC-MP Charter says it shall be changed in agreement with their primary organization, that is, with Moscow. This is not a church, but an FSB-controlled structure,” the People’s Deputy emphasized.

    Natalia Pipa noted that the question arises as to whether the changes to the UOC-MP statute are legitimate. Perhaps it is the initiative of Onufriy or Cyril that arose under the pressure of the political situation to play chameleon and declare that they ‘broke’ with Moscow. That’s because they realize that parishioners will be leaving that church.

    “Therefore, I expect nothing good from the Synod and this ‘separation.’ I know that from all criminal proceedings that have been initiated only one was made it to court so far. Even from the media, we see how the Moscow Patriarchate’s tipped the enemy about the positions of our military, which led to the civilian deaths. Accordingly, these people should be dealt with first of all by the Security Service of Ukraine and they should be held accountable under the collaborationism law,” the People’s Deputy of Ukraine said.