Thursday, June 30, 2022

    War becomes impetus for many Orthodox to seek unity – Metropolitan Epifaniy

    The head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epifaniy, is convinced that the war has become an impetus for many Orthodox in Ukraine to seek unity.

    The doors of the OCU remain open to all Orthodox believers, he said this during a sermon.

    “You all know that in addition to the grief and suffering brought to us by the war, the current tragic events have prompted and encouraged many Orthodox in Ukraine to seek unity, leave prejudice and enmity behind, forgive insults, and unite in the Local Church for the truth and good of the people. The Orthodox Church of Ukraine, as defined by the Tradition, canons, and Tomos of autocephaly. For decades, we, brothers and sisters in the Orthodox faith, as if Jews and Samaritans, remained separated. But Christ calls us to seek understanding, peace and unity, not to be biased, but open and loving,” said the Primate.

    Metropolitan Epifaniy called on all Orthodox believers in Ukraine to start dialogue, to unite around Christ and around Kyiv, the mother of Ukrainian Rus cities, and to jointly build a single Local Church, whose autocephaly was proclaimed throughout the Orthodox world through the Ecumenical Patriarch’s Tomos.

    “Our doors are open to all Orthodox who have good will and desire to serve God and the Ukrainian people. Our hearts are open, we want past misunderstandings not to determine our future. And we believe that, with God’s help and through joint efforts, we will be able to achieve unity of the Church in Ukraine. Let us pray for this, let us work for it – and may the Lord bless our good deed with success!” Metropolitan Epifaniy said.