Wednesday, June 29, 2022

    Moscow propagandists can’t understand why Ukraine ridding of everything Russian

    In Ukraine, there is a war ongoing with the Russian Federation on all fronts: on the battlefields, on the cultural-historical and even on the church fronts, which is confirmed by discussion and bills aimed to ban the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine. However, Russian propagandists such as Igor Druz cannot understand why Ukraine has begun to get rid of everything that is Russian.

    Propaganda pundits are especially outraged by the statement of the head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Danilov, who directly said he was going to carry out de-Russification in all spheres of life: “We need de-Russification in all spheres of life: in economy, in politics, and other areas.”

    Russian propagandist Igor Druz (who by the way comes from the UOC-MP circles) appeals to the fact that current officials have earned a career in Soviet Ukraine, with Russian language, and therefore allegedly have to protect the “Soviet (Russian) heritage”, even when Russia attacked Ukraine and continues to use the old vestiges of the occupation, the Ukrainian government (according to Russian propaganda) must continue to preserve all that is Soviet (Russian).

    Druz was especially upset that the Arch of Friendship of Peoples in Kyiv was “de-Russified” on April 26.

    The propagandist also believes that if the “de-Nazification” of Ukraine has not been completed, while dissenters are being murdered in the country. At the same time, Druz fails to mention the fact that Russia has long been killing dissidents and detaining activists ven at peaceful rallies. And this is happening in Russia constantly, even without wars being waged with other nations.

    Why then not start “de-Nazifying” Russia, because it fits according to all the criteria of Russian propaganda just perfectly: dissidents being are killed and detained, while there are special laws in place that persecute those questioning the policies of Vladimir Putin’s regime.