Monday, October 2, 2023

    UOC-MP leader condemns Bucha atrocities but fails to name culprit

    Metropolitan Onufriy, the head of the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate, condemned the atrocities in Bucha, stopping short of naming those who committed them. He only said that the murderers and rapists will face God’s judgment, according to Glavkom.

    “I learned from today’s news about what happened in Bucha. This is terrible. Grief filled my heart. I am bringing those who committed this violence to God’s judgment, from which no one will be able to hide,” said Metropolitan Onufriy.

    According to the official version of the Russian Federation, there were no killings in Bucha. Russia denies involvement of its army in the massacre of civilians and is trying to claim that videos and photos from the suburbs of Kyiv are a staged hoax.

    It should be recalled that on April 2 came the reports on atrocities committed by the occupiers in Kyiv region. Russians had been killing, raping, and torturing civilians. Shocking photos from Bucha, which later appeared online, showed the bodies of civilians slayed by the Russians.

    During the cleansing of the liberated town of Bucha, Kyiv region, of sabotage groups and UXOs, Ukrainian defenders also found a mass grave with more than 280 bodies of civilians with signs of violent death buried there.

    On the roadsides lay the bodies of killed women, which the occupiers tried to burn to cover the traces of war crimes.

    World leaders did not ignore the atrocities committed by the Russians. The actions of the Russian army were condemned by European countries and international organizations. In this regard, the EU said it was preparing a new sanctions package against Russia.