Sunday, June 26, 2022

    “Whoever causes war and doesn’t try to defend peace can’t be called a Christian,” says Nuncio Kulbokas

    The Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine, Archbishop Visvaldas Kulbokas, strongly condemned the actions that threaten peace in Europe. “People are very anxious and tense,” the nuncio said. “It is clear that politicians are often unable to find appropriate means to overcome conflicts, as there is almost always some confrontation ongoing involving the parties’ interests.”

    This was reported by RISU with reference to Italy’s SIR.

    “My dream,” adds the nuncio, “is to see more people – not only in Europe but everywhere – who are sincerely and devotedly dedicated to politics, recognizing that it is a worthy vocation to serve all, so as not to leave politics to those who exploit it as if their own life is everything while other lives are nothing.”

    Asked how peace can be promoted today, the nuncio said: “First of all, turn to God and to our true and eternal selves, that is, to us as people called to be light and support for one another.”

    The nuncio further explains: “We, as people of faith, be they Christians, Jews, or Muslims, know that only in true faith in God do we have the opportunity and the appropriate key to resolving conflicts; whether we like it or not, only sincere faith enlightens us.”

    “Peace and promotion of coexistence among all,” Archbishop Kulbokas recalls, “remain our clear and obligatory vocation. Let us entrust our petition for peace to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. ”

    Earlier, Pope Francis entrusted to the intercession of the Virgin Mary every effort for peace in Ukraine.