Wednesday, May 25, 2022

    Russia could use chemicals leak at Stirol Plant as pretext to invade Ukraine

    Ukraine’s military intelligence has reported an emergency situation in the temporarily occupied territory in Donetsk region.

    According to intelligence, on January 14, 2022, ammonia tanks were delivered Stirol plant in the Russian-occupied Horlivka before toxic substances leaked into the air.

    This is stated in a report posted on the agency’s Facebook page.

    According to experts, the chemical leak could lead to an environmental disaster in eastern Ukraine, which could be used by the Kremlin to openly invade Ukraine.

    “The man-made disaster caused by the actions of the Russian occupiers could be used to accuse Ukraine of deploying toxic chemicals and as a pretext to expand armed aggression against our nation,” military intelligence said.

    It should be recalled that Russian officials and Russian propagandists had openly warned of a possible military incursion into Ukraine to occupy more lands, destroy the Ukrainian people, and deter NATO’s eastwards advance. Earlier, Vladislav Surkov, a former adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Moscow would expand its territory in the future as Moscow upped its military presence near the border with Ukraine.

    Earlier, the U.S. expressed concerns that Russia could use provocations to create an artificial pretext for a military incursion.