Thursday, July 14, 2022

    At Amman 2.0 meeting, ROC to separate from Ecumenical Orthodoxy

    At the Amman 2.0 meeting, the Russian Orthodox Church will separate from the fullness of Ecumenical Orthodoxy. The move will be financed by Russian oligarchs and the Russian budget.

    This is stated in a post by religious expert Oleksandr Yefremenko, who is analyzing the recent interview with ROCinU Metropolitan Antoniy (Pakanych). At the same time, Yefremenko is convinced that the messages voiced by the hierarch of the Moscow Patriarchate once again testify to Russia’s failure to convene an All-Orthodox Council.

    “It is likely that Moscow has already realized they will not be able to enlist the support of the entire Orthodox world. The only thing they can count on is to gather all their satellites and use them to create Moscow’s ‘new anti-canonical hybrid’ that has nothing to do with the Church. This way, Amman 2.0, from an All-Orthodox Council (as initially seen in Moscow) will turn into a lame gang rally, where, at the expense of the Russian budget and businessmen, the separation of the Russian Church from the fullness of Ecumenical Orthodoxy will be finalized. Perhaps this is what Antoniy meant when he spoke about the imminent fixation of the split,” Yefremenko wrote.

    The pundit added that “Antoniy’s assumptions that the OCU leadership is allegedly ‘a puppet in the hands of stronger church and geopolitical players’ sound absurd.”

    “Who really is a ‘puppet’ is the ROCinU itself, represented by Antoniy, which makes no significant decisions without Moscow’s instructions,” concluded Oleksandr Yefremenko.

    Earlier, Yefremenko wrote that for ROC, breaking church canons is common practice.