Wednesday, August 10, 2022

    OCU: Fasting not only about restrictions on food, it’s about prayer, repentance

    The word “fasting” is usually associated primarily with dietary restrictions, the exclusion of certain foods, and many perceive it as a kind of “religious diet” timed to certain dates in the church calendar. Now that the revival of the Ukrainian Church has taken place, we must remember the true meaning of fasting, a period when Christians purify their souls through prayer and repentance.

    This is stated on the page of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine on Facebook.

    “Restrictions on food here become a tool that helps people become more humble, to focus on God and our relationship with Him, without being distracted by worldly pleasures. But still it is auxiliary. Rev. John Damaskin noted that ‘if fasting was only about food, it’s cows that would be saint.’ But we, the people, first of all have to focus our efforts on spiritual purification and repentance, nurturing kindness, mercy, and love,” the Orthodox Church of Ukraine said.

    It is recalled that a 40-day Christmas fast began on November 28, which will last until the good feast of Christmas.

    “Let us find strength in faith, grow spiritually, and become kinder at this time – to celebrate the Nativity of the Son of God with renewed and pure souls. And may God help everyone change for the better,” the Church statement said.