Wednesday, July 27, 2022

    Threat of war: Putin’s former aide Surkov says Russia to expand its territories

    The Russian Federation will definitely be expanding its territory in the future. This position, against the background of Moscow’s growing military presence near the border with Ukraine, was outlined by a former adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov.

    At the same time, the Putin regime representative explained this prospect not by the maniacal tendencies pursued by the Kremlin or the exceptional bloodthirstiness of the Russian leaders, but merely by the “laws of physics.”

    According to Surkov, the second law of thermodynamics says entropy of any closed system will always increase: “In other words, chaos never retreats. On the contrary, it almost always spreads. At the beginning of the XXI century, the Russian government system managed to stop the avalanche of social chaos and ensure the vertical, order, and (spiritual – ed.) staples. However, entropy continues to grow and is gradually moving into blind zones of public life,” quotes a statement by the mastermind of the Russian World concept.

    According to Putin’s former adviser, such social entropy should be “exported for utilization in foreign territory.” Over the centuries, the Russian state, as Surkov claimed, has survived solely due to its constant striving beyond own borders. And today, Russia hasn’t lost its own imperial instincts.

    It should be recalled that Vladislav Surkov is a Russian politician, author of the modern concept of the “Russian World,” the aide to the president of the Russian Federation (2013-2020). In 2014, Surkov was subjected to international sanctions in connection with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. He is rightly considered one of the Russian administration’s main high-ranking officials, responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.