Tuesday, August 16, 2022

    ROCinU sponsor Novynsky to receive UAH 20 bln to promote church interests – OCU spox

    Pro-Russian People’s Deputy Vadym Novynsky may receive an additional UAH 20 billion per year to promote the interests of the ROCinU, block the legal transfer of communities from the Moscow Patriarchate to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, and fund the MP’s propagandists. This is all due to the lifting of part of the tax burden, which the mogul seeks to achieve if legislation is amended.

    That’s according to a Facebook post by OCU Spokesman Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya).

    The spokesperson recalled that iron ore is one of the main sources of income for the group controlled by Novynsky, while the increase in world prices for ore (in mid-October it was over $120 per tonne) is Novynsky’s source of hundreds of millions of dollars in income through dividends.

    In addition, Archbishop Yevstratiy notes that the parliament should consider regulating this “anomaly,” where the people of Ukraine in fact give their common resources for pennies to those, including Novynsky, who then make billions off of them.

    “I wonder if they can? Will they vote? Why did I initially decide to write about this? That’s because I recently read about how Mr. Novynsky, as per the investigators, was actively ‘taking care’ of amendments to the bill, proposed by government. As a result, due to certain amendments to the project, taxes amounting to almost UAH 20 billion may ‘evaporate’… It is publicly known that Mr. Novynsky (as archdeacon of the Russian Church) is ‘closely taking care’ of these processes. This is about hundreds of lawsuits against communities that have decided to quit the MP. This is about a media conglomerate of the MPinU’s official resources and propaganda affiliates. This is about visits to Churches that have not yet recognized the tomos of autocephaly for the OCU, with ‘strong arguments’ not to do so in the future… Having this UAH 20 billion a year, actually brought by the people of Ukraine, is it that difficult to be so pro-active and generous to promote the interests of the ROCinU?” Archbishop Yevstratiy wonders.

    The spokesperson added that the for the extraction of ore from Ukraine’s bowels, Novynsky’s group has been paying a mere $3 per tonne, regardless of the price at which the ore will eventually be sold.

    “That is, in fact, Novynsky’s group ‘buys’ ore from the people of Ukraine, who own the subsoil, for $3, and sells it, for example, to China – for more than $120,” the OCU spokesman explained.