Wednesday, August 17, 2022

    Primate of Cyprus Church urges believers to get vaccinated, not to let their bodies rot

    The head of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, Archbishop Chrysostomos, who recently the third dose of the vaccine for COVID-19, asked believers not to mix science and religion and not to allow their bodies to rot as a body is the temple of God.

    After undergoing vaccination, Archbishop Chrysostomos said that a human body is the temple of God, and whoever allows their body to rot will be punished by the Lord. He also noted that everyone should respect themselves and their bodies, and called on everyone to get the vaccine shot so that people can safely move on with their lives, reports.

    He also noted that those who mix religion and science are wrong and should not fool the world. They speak their own words, not the words of the saints, and must be vaccinated for their own good and the good of their neighbors.

    “I have repeatedly mentioned that I was being treated for spinal cancer, and I am quite old, so I have to protect myself as much as possible to survive. This move of mine is not dictated by the fact that I do not want to go to heaven and thirst for life – no! Not at all! I just don’t see the strength in the Synod yet to believe that, in case I die, everything will end easily, so I need to live a few more years to complete everything,” said the head of the Cyprus Orthodox Church, Archbishop Chrysostomos.