Wednesday, December 1, 2021

    Despite occupation of Crimea, parts of eastern Ukraine, ROC says Putin acts “relying on moral norms,” claiming other countries won’t survive without Russia

    The Russian Orthodox Church sees nothing wrong with the sinful moves and orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Despite the occupation of Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the Moscow Patriarchate said Putin “relies on moral norms.” Moreover, the Moscow Patriarchate claims that other countries seem to have no choice but to side with Russia, otherwise facing destruction.

    “Putin’s moderate, reasonable conservatism is based on morality and tradition as a way of passing on cultural, national, religious, and social experience from one generation to another. And this is not liberal, but social conservatism based on the people, with a vector toward strengthening the socially oriented state. Putin’s social turn over the past seven or eight years is obvious,” said Alexander Shchipkov, a spokesman for the ROC and first deputy head of the ROC’s Synodal Department for Relations with Public and the Media, according to the ROC website.

    Despite the crimes of the Russian military and the appropriation of territories belonging to sovereign states, Shchipkov assured that the Russian consciousness is about “a desire for values, moral norms and justice.”

    In addition, the ROC official even stressed that without Putin, other countries would allegedly disappear. “They will either follow us or die out because they have no other choice,” Shchipkov warned.

    It should be recalled that ROCinU propagandists recently arrived to Moscow to complain about the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew. Also, ROCinU propagandists intimidate the Ukrainian authorities and public with mass anti-state rallies disguised as religious processions.