Monday, September 19, 2022

    ROC nun says intelligentsia has Satan roots, calls for making them work at coal mines

    A high-profile Russian actress Ekaterina Vasilieva, who recently became a nun with the Russian Orthodox Church, gave an extensive interview to her son, also an ROC priest, Dmitry Roshchin.

    Answering “highly spiritual” questions,  the newly turned nun Vasilisa spoke in the best traditions of the Soviet Union’s ruling regime, condemning the so-called intelligentsia.

    The video of the relevant interview was uploaded on the 153gory YouTube channel.

    According to nun Vasilisa, it is the intelligentsia that works by a “satanic principle” and guides people off the “true path.”

    “Take them to the mines. All intelligentsia – to the mines. How much evil the intelligentsia has brought – those sophisticated non-believers… The more talented, the more dangerous they are. To me, the intelligentsia is the same as youth corruptors. The whole set of Satan’s code of honor, it’s all in books and movies,” said nun Vasilissa.

    It is not difficult to understand such claims by the Moscow Patriarchate representative. After all, a humble, uneducated nation, completely deprived of any critical thinking, has long been a dream of the Putin regime and the ROC. Such a nation, according to the Kremlin and the Danilov Monastery, will sincerely profess the toxic ideology of the “Russian world” and force the whole civilized world to do so, too.