Tuesday, October 26, 2021

    To discuss or to condemn? Kuraev comments on conference targeting Ecumenical Patriarchate, OCU

    On September 16, in the St. Sergii Hall of the Church of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the conference entitled “World Orthodoxy: Leadership and Conciliarity in the Light of Orthodox Doctrine” launched its work.

    ROC theologian Andrei Kuraev, commenting on the conference, said: “To discuss or to condemn… So will they really discuss and talk about this? Then maybe I will be invited? I have a thick book on the topic of this conference. Well, at least they could call up Vera Chentsova, couldn’t they?”

    The purpose of the conference is to discuss such issues as primacy, catholicity, and the order of granting autocephaly. That is, the issues that were to be discussed at the All-Orthodox Council of Cyprus in 2016 with the participation of all Orthodox Churches, but the ROC refused to participate precisely because they were to discuss the procedure for granting autocephaly.

    It should be recalled that Kuraev advised ROCinU Metropolitan Luka to draw inspiration for hatred from atheistic books. Kuraev also ridiculed on the congress of “persecuted” representatives of the ROCinU: “Their faces show how severely they are persecuted and suffering.”