Wednesday, September 29, 2021

    More propaganda by ROC expert Voznesensky on “collapse of Constantinople Church”

    ROC expert Alexander Voznesensky has released yet another hyped-up spin, claiming that “the Patriarchate of Constantinople is on the verge of collapse,” and that “Cyprus and the Church of Cyprus no longer want to hear Archbishop Chrysostomos,” the head of the local church. The bishops of the Church of Cyprus, he claims, have already “written off Chrysostomos and do not agree to follow his instructions, given that very soon, in their opinion, the Primate will be replaced,” Voznesensky wrote, threatening that “it is almost impossible to make things change.”

    Russia’s GRU military intelligence should consider severing their funding for this lame pseudo-expert in Cyprus as none of his predictions came true.

    Earlier, Voznesensky had suggested that the Archbishop would soon be dismissed by the Synod of the Church of Cyprus before the Synod at its meeting supported the decision of Chrysostomos II to recognize the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, while not even considering the issue of his sacking, which was obvious to everyone except the ROC expert. So this appeared to be nothing but the Moscow Patriarchate’s wishful thinking.

    What’s even funnier is that Voznesensky himself can’t even keep his word or predict own actions, because he had previously vowed not to write anything else until the head of the ROC Department of External Church Relations, Illarion (Alfeev), was dismissed. “I have humbly endured false attacks by schismatics and heretics, all that slander, and lies against me, but I can no longer engage in inter-church analysis while the bastard who disgraces the Church (Illarion – ed.)  holds the position,” Voznesensky vowed in June 2021.

    It’s already September, but both Illlarion (Alfeev) and Chrysostomos are still holding their respective offices, while Voznesensky keeps spitting out his “predictions,” as if he never gave a word to quit.

    Voznesensky’s predictions would indeed be true if he wrote that the ROC was gradually falling into self-isolation and failing in its efforts in the inter-church arena but he has another job to do, apparently.

    So much for the Russian analytics, which has 0% predictability. In this regard, I can predict that the Cyprus-based ROC adept Voznesensky will run out of money rather than see “the collapse of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.” And this is a much more precise prediction.

    Source: Religious columnist Ivan Petrushchak