Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Half of ROCinU believers happy about Bartholomew’s upcoming visit, while Metropolitan Antoniy (Pakanych) continues to deny reality

    Despite the latest results of the KIIS poll, where half of the ROCinU believers said they would be happy to welcome the arrival of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Ukraine, ROCinU Metropolitan Antoniy (Pakanych) continues to deny the reality.

    OCU hieromonk Nestor Nazarov covered the issue in his blog.

    “They write that Metropolitan Antoniy Pakanych doesn’t want to believe that, according to opinion polls, 50% of ROCinU believers in Ukraine are not at all against the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew in Ukraine. Of course, this destroys all the efforts by the ROCinU to forge the myth that they actually control their flock, and if the family says “this must be done” in friendly terms, they will do whatever they tell them,” the blog reads.

    “And the reality is as follows. In addition to being zombified in the temples of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, people are being exposed to other informational influences. In addition, until recently, Patriarch Bartholomew was a completely normal patriarch for them and they cannot believe so quickly that suddenly something wrong happened to him and now he is a public enemy,” added Father Nestor.

    “So the panickers have no choice but to deny reality, because it does not match their fables and myths. And now they will have to do it more and more often,” he concluded.