Monday, July 15, 2024

    Help from believers from all over the world: hieromonk raises UAH 4M for Ukraine’s army brigade

    Hieromonk-Studite Makariy (Dutka) today in the metropolitan gardens of St. George’s Cathedral in Lviv will hand over another batch of drones for the 24th Brigade. They were purchased for UAH 4 million he had raised from donors. And he will immediately announce the opening of the fifth such fundraiser, with a one-million target.

    “Just recently, on June 9, I announced that I was collecting UAH 3 million, and already yesterday, June 20, that is, 11 days later, I raised another million hryvnias with the help of donors,” Fr. Makariy told RISU.

    Church communities helped him the most, especially abroad.

    Thus, UGCC parishes of the Assumption of the Virgin in the city of Setúbal and the parish of Peter and Paul in the city of Montijo, Portugal, together with Father Ivan Petlyak, sent EUR 2,000.

    Parish of St. Volodymyr and Olha of Winnipeg with father Ihor Shved, families of children who first went to Confession, the “Mothers in Prayer” community and the community of married couples together also donated about $2,000.

    A significant part of the funds was collected by parishioners from several villages of the Peremyshl region, close to the University Lavra, where Fr. Makariy serves.

    According to him, another Ukrainian powerlifting record he recently set played a big role in fundraising.

    “Another victory at the Western Ukraine Championship held in Lviv by the KRAWA Federation. My bench press result of 213.5 kg in this Federation is a new record for Ukraine,” said Fr. Makariy.

    He dedicated this victory to his father Vasyl, since he achieved it on Father’s Day.

    “Sometimes, when I’m at a competition, dad asks everyone in the house to kneel in front of the icons and pray for my victory. I am happy that I have such a strong Father,” the record holder wrote on his Facebook page.

    Hieromonk Makariy (Dutka) invites everyone to join the fund-raising campaign: “My dear all, don’t congratulate me, only help me collect another million for the Armed Forces as soon as possible!”

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