Tuesday, November 28, 2023

    Military chaplain Father Andriy Zelinsky presents book “Anatomy of a Warrior”

    Acclaimed Ukrainian military chaplain and clergyman with the the UGCC, Father Andrii Zelinsky, is convinced that everyone is capable of discovering the Warrior in himself while walking his earthly path.

    As reported by the website Jesuits in Ukraine, the book has already become this year’s second for Father Andrii.

    “Anatomy of a Warrior” is a book about the warrior that lives in each of us. About the changes we can make in our lives if we become aware of our own experience and the Path. This is a book dedicated to all Ukrainian soldiers – both those who fought on the front lines and those who, every day, in hundreds of other ways, choose our right to be.”

    The book will be interesting to everyone who wants to move forward, cares about their own development and believes in the power of the human spirit.