Saturday, July 20, 2024

    Eparchial Bishop of UOC in South America marks 30th Anniversary of Consecration

    The faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in South America celebrated the 30th anniversary of the episcopal consecration of their Archbishop Jeremiah.

    The events took place on September 9-10 in the Cathedral of St. Dmytro in Curitiba, Brazil, reports the UOC of the USA website.

    Metropolitan Anthony (Shcherba), Archbishop Daniel (Zelinsky) and other hierarchs took part in the services.

    After completing the Divine Liturgy, Metropolitan Anthony took to the pulpit to reflect on the past 30 years, expressing the great importance of the presence of the Ukrainian Orthodox hierarch in South America. After the liturgy, Archbishop Jeremiah received gifts and congratulations.

    The second half of the day went on with lunch and performances by Ukrainian dance ensembles at the Ukrainian Club of Curitiba. Archbishop Jeremiah thanked everyone for the warm greetings, gifts, and support over the past 30 years, promising to continue working hard and dedicating himself to the service of Christ and the needs of his flock in the years to come.

    The 30th anniversary of Archbishop Jeremiah’s episcopal ordination was a joyous celebration of his devotion to the Church and his community. It was a time to reflect on his many years of service and express gratitude for his guidance.

    We should recall that the UOC of the United States of America consecrated an avenue of honor to the fallen soldiers of Ukraine. Also, the UOC of the USA continues to provide assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war.