Monday, October 2, 2023

    Metropolitan Onufriy meets with government’s Yelenskyi to discuss final break with ROC

    On July 25, the head of the UOC MP, Metropolitan Onufriy, met with the head of the State Service of Ukraine for Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience, Viktor Yelenskyi.

    This is reported by the agency’s press service.

    At the meeting, the parties discussed the religious situation in the country, the issue of church life in the conditions of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, as well as terrorist attacks by Russian aggressors targeted civilian infrastructure and the civilian population.

    The head of the SSEFC especially emphasized that the UOC MP’s complete and unconditional break with the Russian Church is not only an urgent public and state demand but also, to a growing extent, that of the faithful and clergy of the UOC MP itself.

    It should be recalled that the Metropolitan Oleksandr (Drabynko) of Peryaslav and Vyshneve recently warned that the UOC MP will face collapse and degradation if it fails to sever all ties with Moscow.