Friday, March 24, 2023

    Putin praises priests for brainwashing Russian soldiers

    Russian dictator Vladimir Putin praised Russian clerics who help Russian servicemen not think about the fact that they are committing crimes against the territorial integrity and civilian population of Ukraine.

    “Thank you … to the shepherds of Russian traditional religions, military priests, whose wise words support and inspire people,” Putin said in his address to the Federal Assembly on February 21.

    In addition, the Kremlin leader noted Russian military propagandists who he claims tell the “truth”.

    It should be recalled that, in his address, Putin also complained about the “attacks” on the Russian Orthodox Church. The leader of the Russian regime used these theses among justifications for ongoing aggression against Ukraine and violation of its territorial integrity by occupying several regions.

    Interestingly, at the same time, the UOC (MP), in one voice with Putin, also declares the “persecution” of their organization and even complains to the UN.