Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    “Russia will rise from the ashes”: UOC (MP) сдукпньут in Kryvyi Rih working in Putin’s interests

    In Kryvyi Rih, as part of a counter-intelligence raid at the facilities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (in unity with the MP), law enforcers confirmed that some church officials had been operating in favor of Russia and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill, Glavcom reports.

    Law enforcement discovered campaign materials that glorify Putin, Kirill and the “Russian world” concept. In particular, the books titled “Reunification of the Kyiv Metropolis with the Russian Orthodox Church”, “Russia Rises from the Ashes: On the Path to a Slavic State”, etc., was found.

    The discovered literature contains traditional propaganda theses about “one nation”, that Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusians should be together, that Russia preaches the true faith and traditions.

    Law enforcement officials note that after numerous inspections of UOC (MP) facilities in various regions of Ukraine, the fact that this church structure is in the service of the Kremlin to carry out subversive activities against our state no longer raises doubts.

    As the SFU reported earlier, Russian passports and Kirill’s “playbooks” for spreading hostile propaganda through believers were found in a number of UOC (MP) dioceses.