Thursday, February 2, 2023

    ROC archpriest liquidated in Ukraine didn’t care about Russian souls but was an accomplice in crimes – religious scholar

    Theologian Archimandrite Kyrylo Hovorun spoke on social media about the death of the Russian archpriest Mikhail Vasiliev, whose actions had been justified by some as he claimed to offer pastoral care for the Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

    The only possible pastoral care for those soldiers would be to dissuade them from fighting in every possible way, because it poses a mortal threat to their eternal soul and body. All other care is complicity in their crimes and helping them go to hell,” says Hovorun.

    It should be recalled that the death of one of the highest-profile Russian priests was reported on November 6, after which the Russian “war journos” mourned him, recalling the cleric’s “merits.”

    Vasiliev was deployed along with Russian paratroopers to hot spots – actually blessing a variety of crimes. The priest, who urged Russian women to give birth to more potential soldiers and in no case hide their sons from mobilization, was liquidated along with other occupiers in the captured part of Ukraine.

    In the comments, the exalted Russians lamented, wondering why priests are dying in the war. However, no one even thought that this is the fate of any occupier who brings disaster to a foreign land. And there is no doubt that Mikhail Vasiliev, despite all his ostentatious “holiness”, was also an occupier.