Saturday, October 1, 2022

    War veterans to form one of Ukraine’s largest communities – Zelensky

    Ukraine’s policy regarding veterans should become an independent priority direction of government policies based on respect for people who defended the country.

    President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the issue in an address to the veteran forum “Defenders. Roll call. Where we are, there is Ukraine,” broadcast live by the national telethon Ukrinform reports.

    “Veteran policy is a priority and independent direction of state policies, not an addition to something, not on the residual principle, but a priority and independent one,” Zelensky emphasized.

    According to the president, this policy should be based on respect for veterans, which should be felt at all levels of public life, manifested in completely practical things.

    The head of state also insists that all details of the state veteran policy should be determined in cooperation with the veteran community, “so that it is not the official who decides, but the veteran.”

    “I’d like to be heard very well by government officials, people’s deputies, all representatives of state power, local self-government, and also, what is no less important, those who manage the private economic sector, who manage various businesses: it is in our power to do everything so that Ukrainian veterans did not lose their importance, their necessity, and that they had a clear civilian prospect,” Zelensky urged.

    In addition, he noted that all elements of veteran policy require a modern legislative framework, clear coordination of state authorities and local self-government, awareness of businesses and public of their responsibility in this regard.

    The president also said he had already signed a law that “develops a system of transition from a military career to civilian life.”

    “Now about a million people are protecting Ukraine in the Armed Forces and our other formations that are resisting the occupiers. What is this million? What is it like to fight off Russian terrorists toward our Ukrainian victory. This means that everyone in Ukraine will have veteran relatives or veteran friends, or veteran colleagues, or veteran acquaintances. This means that the veteran community will become one of the largest communities in Ukraine, and this means that appropriate changes are needed both in the state policy regarding veterans and in society, in the social acceptance of veterans, including by our commercial players,” Zelensky concluded.