Tuesday, September 27, 2022

    De-russification in Ukraine: monument commemorating 300th anniversary of reunification of Ukraine and Russia gets toppled in Pereyaslav

    Ukrainian cities are being further cleansed of everything related to Russian aggressors. In the town of Pereyaslav, Kyiv region, a monument was dismantled that had been erected back in 1954 in honor of the “300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia.”

    This was announced by the chief of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, Oleksiy Kuleba.

    “Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Hostomel, Moshchun, and other settlements of Ukraine, where the Russian army committed atrocities against humanity, once again proved that any ‘reunification’ or ‘friendship’ with the ruscists is off the table,” he wrote in Telegram.

    Kuleba also noted that the monument was dismantled by the decision of the community and the local self-government body.

    It should be recalled that the memory of the victims of Bolshevik aggression is commemorated in Ternopil region. Also in Zhytomyr region, an OCU bishop consecrated a new church.