Thursday, July 7, 2022

    Lviv bans UOC of Moscow Patriarchate

    Lviv City Council has banned the activities of the Moscow Patriarchate. This decision was made in a closed-door meeting on Thursday, June 30.

    That’s according to Council Deputy Yuriy Lomaha, reports.

    Deputies of the Lviv City Council ruled to ban the activities of the UOC-MP and the “Dognal Group” religious sect on the territory of the Lviv City Territorial Community as those that pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine.

    “The activities of these structures are openly anti-government and anti-Ukrainian, and given the facts that took place in the Lviv City Territorial Community, conscious and open speculation on the religious beliefs of our citizens by the Russian occupiers, which leads to artificial confrontation and division of Ukrainian society on religious grounds, for the purpose of consolidating the Ukrainian people, we passed the relevant decision,” Yuriy Lomaha said.

    As reported earlier, the decision to ban the UOC-MP had also been adopted by Lviv District Council.