Sunday, July 3, 2022

    Paul McCartney waves Ukrainian flag on Glastonbury festival stage

    Paul McCartney showed his solidarity with Ukraine by waving the country’s flag during the encore of his epic Glastonbury set on Saturday night.

    That’s according to the BBC.

    The Beatles legend earned a huge cheer as he stood under the flag’s blue and yellow stripes, but for Ukrainian musicians at the festival, it was more than just a gesture.

    “For soldiers, for people in Ukraine and around the world, when your big stars support you and understand you, it shows you have truth on your side,” says Marko Galanevych of the folk quartet DhakaBrakha. “It gives us inspiration to stand.”

    Ukrainian Eurovision winners, Kalush Orchestra, also praised the star for his support.

    “A lot of people follow and listen to their idols, so superstars like him expressing their support for Ukraine really helps us to promote our cause,” says frontman Olek Psiuk.