Monday, June 27, 2022

    Twisted church: UOC-MP priest introduces sham “mayor,” appointed by invaders in Zaporizhia region

    The UOC-MP continues to support Russian invasion, using faith in God as a tool to propagate “ruscism.” At the same time, all hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow follow the same line at the highest level.

    A new case of collaborationism by the UOC-MP clergy was reported on June 20, when a priest of the UOC-MP introduced to the parish Andrei Markin, the self-proclaimed mayor of Rozivka (Zaporizhia region), who had been appointed by the occupiers. The sham official will be involved in distributing Russian passports across the occupied areas, according to

    Rozivka is a former district center. Currently, it is part of the Polivka district. According to 2019 data, the population stood at 3,140.

    On the same day, Markin was appointed by the occupation forces to the post of the so-called “head of military-civil administration,” and on the same day he was kindly introduced with honors by the UOC-MP priest Georgy in local the church the latter runs.

    Interestingly, locals report that they learned about the appointment of Andrei Markin from social networks. Some of them first saw the collaborator in the UOC-MP church.

    The UOC-MP clergyman, who introduced the collaborator, had been appointed to lead the parish on the eve of the full-scale offensive. As soon as the occupiers invaded the village where Father Georgy (UOC MP) was serving, he welcomed them and even consecrated the “DPR” military hardware, as was reported in March.