Thursday, September 22, 2022

    President Zelensky shows US congressmen tragic consequences of 21-day delay with no-fly zone

    The immortal “Melody” of a brilliant Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk was played today in US Congress.

    Unfortunately, it was not for aesthetic pleasure that the American parliamentarians and other leaders listened to this masterpiece.

    Accompanied by this beautiful melody was a clip that President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine showed Americans, revealing devastation that 21 days ago became a new reality for every Ukrainian. The new eerie “melody” that Ukrainians hear day and night is that of a ruthless, senseless, fascist Russian death machine attacking Ukraine.

    Every frame, every note that was played in Congress, showed the US lawmakers the colossal cost of their hesitation. More than a hundred children, thousands of civilians killed, many more crippled in barbaric shelling, missile attacks, and bombings inflicted by inhumane Russian forces.

    However, the world can still stop this madness. One seemingly logical decision to close the skies over Ukraine by the forces of the civilized world is indeed quite difficult to make.

    However, the move may give a chance to live to many children who were lucky enough so far to survive indiscriminate attacks by Putin-led occupiers… But luck isn’t forever …

    The no-fly zone is currently the only means to allow women to give birth in safety and families to reach a safe location where there is not the slightest threat of being hit by a Russian missile or air bomb.

    Is this reason major enough? Do the leaders of democracies consider the safety of children and future generations to be a sufficient reason to close the skies from Putin’s barbaric beastly horde?

    This question remains open for the time being. We hope it will not be open for too long. And one of these days, Ukrainian children and women will be able to sleep, wake up, and just live under a peaceful sky, which will offer them a world that is for a good reason referred to as “civilized.”