Tuesday, September 26, 2023

    Complexes driving Putin to stupid moves – theologian

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s complexes push him to foolish actions that bring tragic consequences for many nations and states.

    “Putin is in a rush, he measures time by the term of his life, his reign. He sees himself as a ‘land collector,’ like Johann III (King of Sweden, 1569-1592, who saw as one of his main tasks defending the territories conquered by previous leaders), Ivan the Terrible, or Peter I,” historian and theologian Ihor Kozlovskyi told Glavkom in an interview.

    According to Ihor Kozlovskyi, Putin’s complexes are driving him to stupid actions that have tragic consequences for many nations and states.

    “He actually destroyed the whole security system that was created after the World War 2. He destroyed it but never received a decisive response to his actions from the international community. The lack of such a response gives him extra strength for his mad fantasies,” said the scholar.

    It should be recalled that the theologian earlier said that without Ukraine, it won’t be clear where the Moscow Kingdom came from.