Wednesday, December 1, 2021

    OCU Metropolitan presents project of child-friendly church in Lutsk

    The head of the Volyn eparchy of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Mykhailo (Zinkevych), showed journalists of the local outlet Pershiy a project of a child-friendly church in Lutsk, which may soon appear in the city.

    According to the bishop, the project was authored by a team of Chernihiv architects, who managed to fully reflect the vision of the OCU hierarch as to what the building should be like.  At the same time, the first stone has already been laid.

    “It requires a small temple and a large playground around it.  It should not be a cathedral but a smaller church where you can buy a candle and a pacifier, or a diaper. And leave their child to a nanny-nun for an hourly fee,” the bishop said.

    According to the metropolitan, such a church will solve many problems that arise in families because it will take care of the spiritual condition of mothers.

    “She just came out of labor, she is going through divorce… Whose problem is this?  Church’s.  And if a mother comes to the temple, her child has the opportunity to sleep or play. Moreover, the mother has the opportunity to leave them there, go to do a manicure, a workout, drink coffee with a friend.  Then she returns a happy person.  Of course, it is politics, because I need a piece of land (in fact, we do!), here this mother and child will be cared for, ”the hierarch assures.

    The publication recalls that in December 2018, a land plot for a child-friendly church was consecrated in Lutsk.  In the spring of 2019, the Lutsk City Council granted the plot for its construction.