Wednesday, December 1, 2021

    Metropolitan Epifaniy: Chaplains are a real spiritual shield of Ukraine

    Metropolitan Epifaniy called military chaplains a real spiritual shield of Ukraine, supporting and caring for servicemen.

    “Today, on the day of remembrance of St. Martin of Tours, who is considered the founder and patron of the chaplaincy, we pray with special gratitude and respect for our chaplains. For those who have been a real spiritual shield of Ukraine for seven years of this undeclared Russo-Ukrainian war. For those who show support for our defenders on the front line, where they know best the cost of peace and where they understand the truth that the Lord Jesus Christ often proclaimed, wishing: ‘Peace be with you!,’” said Metropolitan Epifaniy.

    He also added that it’s the spirit that wins wars so if our servicemen’s spirit is strong, they will remain invincible.

    “Your chaplaincy service – or rather your vocation, your mission – is difficult to overestimate, because relying on the will of the Lord, armed only with the word of God and faith, you maintain spiritual defenses 24/7. It’s both the external and internal defenses – so significant and important albeit invisible. Because we understand well: in war, first of all, it’s the spirit that wins, and if our soldiers are strong in spirit, they will be invincible,” said Metropolitan Epifaniy.

    “To each of you, the defenders, as well as your colleagues, the clergy, and the entire Ukrainian nation are grateful. Thank you for being alongside our defenders so far from home – as friends, counselors, psychologists, their brothers, and spiritual fathers. And also because you help our soldiers overcome fear and wreath in their hearts, alleviate the pain of loss that hurts their souls, and instill in them faith and hope that with God’s help everything will be fine. God bless you, wishing you strength and health! ” concluded Metropolitan Epifaniy.