П’ятниця, 12 Квітня, 2024

    Shame amid defeat in Amman forces ROC puppets to make excuses

    Watching the upheavals accompanying the so-called meeting in Amman, I can’t help but recall the basic defensive human mechanisms, known as the five stages of reaction to changes by E. Kübler-Ross, perfectly described in the book “On Death and Dying”. As you already understood, we are talking about 5 key stages of emotional response to something inevitable, like death.
    And in the case of the event held today in Amman, organized by the branch of the FSB, the Russian Orthodox Church, I cannot help but note how from the stage of “denial”, all coverage by Russian and pro-Russian media and the talking heads of this illegitimate act all at once migrate to the stage of “acceptance”. However, like everything about our hybrid neighbors, the “acceptance” also turned out to be hybrid.
    For example, it is being reported that not a single Ecumenical Council (although it is unclear what relation this “Chekist gathering” has in common with an Ecumenical Council) gathered absolutely all the hierarchs of the Ecumenical Church. It sounds very convincing, but in fact, not a single Ecumenical Council really gathered only a fifth of the patriarchs.
    Also, the failure of the ROC-FSB meeting, for the preparation and organization of which (bribery, blackmail, etc.) tens of millions of US dollars have been spent since last spring, is now being justified by the fact that, despite the meager attendance of patriarchs, those present represent the majority of the Orthodox world.
    They claim that parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Serbian Church, the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine (the so-called “UOC MP”, represented by Metropolitan Onufry) and some Romanian and Polish delegates represent a quantitative majority.
    Frankly, I have never heard anything more ridiculous. Indeed, in this case, the defenders of the failed meeting are trying to replace the official and legal aspects with quantitative value.
    In other words, it is as if China announced that they are creating their “Great Seven” with the DPRK and it doesn’t matter that there will be only two of them, the main thing is that the population of China and North Korea exceeds the population of the actual G7.
    But even more stupid was the fact that they tried to justify the failure in Amman by the fact that some patriarchs found it easier to reflect on the decisions set to made at the assembly in peace and quiet of their offices rather than attend the meeting.
    That is, the patriarchs did not come to the gathering in Amman, not because it does not have any official status and is nothing but a meeting of conspirators agreeing on an action plan against Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, but because they are more comfortable considering the issues in question in their own offices…
    What a brilliant train of thought! But then the question arises, why did those who had long been convicted of unquestioned obedience to the ROC-FSB and personally to Patriarch Kirill come to Amman?
    Why is it that only the puppets and minions of the Danilov Monastery gathered in Amman? From the eternal companion of the Russian Orthodox Church, the spineless Serbian Church, to the Archbishop of the Polish Orthodox Church, Abel, who led the so-called delegation from Poland.
    This is the same Archbishop Abel, who once used to be an agent of state security of the NDP before receiving full patronage on the part of Moscow.
    Well, I was satisfied seeing Russia realize their failure, as well as their sorry, inept attempts to justify this failure.
    Indeed, Patriarch Gundyaev, an oligarch who had made his wealth off vodka and tobacco, suffered yet another disgrace, and upon his return from Jordan a he might as well be handed a draft resignation letter, only to be signed.
    Oleksandr Kovalenko