Wednesday, November 29, 2023

    Miracle in OCU monastery: Russian missile fails to explode during attack

    During a horrific missile attack in Kyiv region on Thursday, an extraordinary event happened in the OCU’s Mezhyhiria monastery as a Russian missile that landed close to the temple did not explode.

    That’s according to OCU priest Vitaliy Matiyaschuk.

    Archimandrite Spyridon, the abbot, has always prayed for protection of all Ukrainians from enemy missiles. During yesterday’s prayer, one of the most dangerous Russian missiles, Kh-101, landed near the church. Incredibly, the missile did not explode, thus causing no damage.

    “Bomb experts who came to pick up the debris testified that the likelihood that the missile rocket would land without detonation is very, very small. In such cases, the charge detonates with a probability of almost 100%,” the post reads.

    The priest says this case is another manifestation of the Lord’s power, a manifestation of His miracles and a testimony that the Lord is with us in this war.

    “No matter what, we must not lose faith and pray for victory over the adversary and the coming of peace. Pray for our soldiers and the civilian population so that everyone remains alive, unharmed and healthy,” he concluded.