Sunday, July 14, 2024

    ROC monk calls for killing Ukrainians, defending “Russian world” in occupied lands

    The abbot of the Russian Belogorsk monastery, Dorifei Gilmiyarov, who has been fighting against Ukraine for a year already, called on Orthodox believers to defend the “Russian world” as part of the so-called “special military operation” not only with words, but also with deeds. He stated this in a video address, published in the Russian social network VKontakte. “Since we refer to ourselves as representatives of the Russian world, it’s time to really defend the Russian world not only with words, but also with deeds,” the video says.

    In addition, the priest wished the contracted soldiers and everyone who plans to join the army courage and determination in fulfilling “the duty to the homeland, to your loved ones, and to your people.” In his opinion, “God himself ordered” the Russians to “protect the fraternal people.” He is also sure that Russia will prevail: “Victory will not only be ours, Victory will be ours under any circumstances because the Lord himself, the Conqueror of Death, is our banner, our banner.”

    Before participating in the war against Ukraine, “father” Dorofey was not a ordinary monk, but the vicar of the Belogorsk Men’s Monastery of the Perm Diocese with the Moscow Patriarchate. He spent more than 10 years in that monastery. However, according to Russian sources, a year ago this monk left the monastery and went off to bless the occupiers who were killing peaceful Ukrainians.

    Thus, we have another proof of the participation of the ROC clergy in the Russian incursion into Ukraine. Also, the video once again shows the true purpose of Russian aggression, namely the occupation of Ukraine, sowing seeds of propaganda, and planting the chauvinistic ideology of the Russian world. Everything proves once again that the Russian Orthodox Church is interested in the war against Ukraine, and therefore is an accomplice to the crimes committed by the Kremlin. Soon, however, both this and all other Moscow churchmen will have to answer for their words and actions before the Hague Tribunal.