Sunday, July 14, 2024

    Kremlin’s propaganda guidebook update brands Ukraine “satanic,” Poland “originally Russian”

    The Kremlin instructed its propaganda talking heads on how to cover the anniversary of the Baptism of Rus on July 28.

    This was reported by Meduza, which got hold of the relevant guidebook.

    The text states that propaganda should tell Russians that the Baptism of Rus became the “point of establishment of statehood” for Russia. In addition, propagandists should tell their target audiences that only “common faith allowed the East Slavic tribes to become a single nation.”

    The document also mentions Russia’s “adversaries”, who allegedly always “fought” with the Orthodox in the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.

    Regarding Poland, the document states that “Polish kings planted Catholicism and Uniateism in the originally occupied Russian territories in order to fragment the people and subjugate them.”

    It should be noted that this is not the first time that the Russians have encroached on Poland’s land. In particular, Vladimir Putin recently stated that “it was thanks to the Soviet Union, thanks to Stalin’s position, that Poland received significant lands in the west, the lands of Germany. That’s right, the western territories of present-day Poland are Stalin’s gift to the Poles. Have our friends in Warsaw forgotten about it? We will remind them.” At the same time, Putin stopped short of mentioning that the USSR together with the Nazis attacked Poland in 1939 and held joint parades on the territory of the divided states.

    Special attention in the guidebook is given to Ukraine. It states that the government in Kyiv should be referred to as an “apostate regime” that is fighting against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) in order to “destroy the spiritual ties of brotherly nations.” At the same time, the text does not indicate that very recently Russia destroyed the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Odesa in a missile strike.

    The guidebook also states that the Russian invaders in Ukraine are actually “fighting the modern-day satanic regime.”

    “Nazi Satanists gained strength in the holy Russian city of Kyiv, where Russia was baptized. Russia has come to the defense of the Orthodox faith and is eliminating on the front lines the neo-Nazis who worship the occult ideas of Hitler and Bandera,” the document says.

    In addition, the authors of the guidebook want Russians to be forced to believe that it was Putin who “reinstated for Russia the mission of the defender of the Orthodox faith.”

    Sources of the publication in the Kremlin reported that this is not a coincidence as Putin will be mentioned more and more often in all spheres of life in Russia in the framework of preparations for the elections.

    “This is necessary for election campaigns. The president will be associated with every event so that his name is always heard,” the source said.