Thursday, July 25, 2024

    ROC primate addresses Pope after ex-Lavra rector put into custody in Kyiv

    The head of the Russian Orthodox Church released yet another batch of lies, manipulation and hypocrisy. With one hand, he blesses the Russian troops for killing Ukrainians, and with the other, he allegedly protects the UOC (MP) from what he brands as “persecution”.

    On July 15, the Moscow Patriarch of Moscow Kiril (Gundyaev) addressed the heads of the Local Orthodox Churches, a number of religious figures and representatives of international organizations, the heads of the Local Orthodox Churches, and the Pope on the issue of “persecution” of Metropolitan Pavlo in Kyiv.

    “The court issued the ruling in the context of ongoing attempts by the Ukrainian authorities to forcefully and illegally seize the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This court judgment, which is unjust and obviously dictated by the authorities of Ukraine, is aimed at intimidating the faithful, forcing them to abandon the protection of their religious freedom and shrines, and is part of the large-scale persecution launched by the Ukrainian authorities against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church,” the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church said in a statement.

    Despite the fact that Metropolitan Pavlo welcomed the occupation of Kherson, and must be held accountable for his words, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church says that the ex-leader of the Lavra has been faced with “repressive measures for his religious beliefs.”

    He called on religious figures and rights defenders to “draw attention to the persecution that is taking place in Ukraine against the “canonical” Ukrainian Orthodox Church and to take all possible measures to protect Metropolitan Pavlo of Vyshgorod and Chornobyl from the unlawful persecution.”

    It should be recalled that yesterday evening it became known that Metropolitan Pavlo of the UOC (MP) shall be kept in custody after the court amended the preventive measure. He is facing more criminal charges, which now include violation of the equality of citizens depending on their religious beliefs as well as justifying and denying Russia’s armed aggression.

    Earlier, Metropolitan Pavlo spoke favorably of the occupation of Kherson by the Russians: “Already today, Kherson is heralding the joy of the gospel, there are already Russian flags everywhere… People are satisfied.”