Monday, October 2, 2023

    Pope Francis’ special envoy arriving to Kyiv

    The Vatican’s Special Envoy Cardinal Matteo Zuppi will pay a two-day visit to Kyiv on Monday, June 5.

    This was reported by the press service of the Holy See, UNN saw.

    “With reference to what was previously reported by the Holy See, it is noted that on June 5-6, 2023, Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna and head of the Italian episcopate, will visit Kyiv as an envoy of the Holy Father Francis,” the report reads.

    “This is an initiative, the main goal of which is to listen carefully to the Ukrainian authorities about possible ways to achieve a just peace and to support humane gestures that help ease tensions,” the Vatican press service said, according to the Ukrainian outlet.

    Earlier, Pope Francis instructed Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, head of the conference of Italian bishops, to travel to Ukraine with a “peacemaking mission.”

    The head of the Italian bishops’ conference, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, who was tasked by Pope Francis to lead the mission regarding Ukraine, said that “it is impossible to allow only the ruthless logic of the conflict to remain.”

    The State Secretary of the Holy See said that the mission of the Head of the Bishops’ Conference of Italy, related to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, consists in the search for peaceful ways, and not in mediation in the narrow sense of the word.