Thursday, May 23, 2024

    Legislator comments on timeline for passage of law prohibiting Moscow Patriarchate

    In May, the Verkhovna Rada will likely be able to consider at second reading the government-proposed draft law that would ban in Ukraine all religious organizations affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC).

    That’s according to Yevhenia Kravchuk (Servant of the People party), who spoke in a comment with

    “There were calls to consider it back in April. But I think it is more realistic to do it in May. We also need to prepare the hall for voting. Because we can’t allow failures on this draft law, which is so important,” said Kravchuk.

    Earlier, People’s Deputy Nikita Poturaev also told when an important draft law banning the UOC (MP) would be adopted.

    “No one is slowing things down, it has been prepared. The committee took into account the comments from the Ministry of Justice, the State Service of Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience,” he says. Poturaev added that once everything is prepared, , a list of amendments will appear on the website. And this will already mean that the Verkhovna Rada is ready to officially consider it.

    It should be recalled that the SBU exposed an abbot from the UOC (MP) church in Khmelnytskyi.