Sunday, June 4, 2023

    Russian propaganda exploits video address by Ukrainian officer to promote own narratives

    Russian propaganda uses various tools to create a false impression of the situation in Ukraine. One such tool is false statements and information manipulation stunts.

    In an address reposted by the Russian war correspondents, a Ukrainian officer expressed his support for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (in unity with the Moscow Patriarchate), saying that “the churches are being taken away from us… they are trying to take God away,” claiming that the Ukrainian authorities are “fighting God” when they try to tackle the malign influence of the Moscow Patriarchate.

    Based on this statement, Russian propagandists draw conclusions about the “capture of Russian Orthodox shrines” in Ukraine. In addition, the Ruscists convince their audience that the termination of the lease agreements for temples, earlier signed with the UOC (MP) is a “shot in own knee” for the Ukrainian authorities. According to the Ruscists, Ukrainian soldiers supporting the UOC (MP) began to “understand something”.

    The reality is that Ukraine is a multi-confessional state where several church denominations coexist. The Ukrainian authorities do not persecute UOC (MP) parishioners or clergy, but at the same time protect Ukraine’s independence. It is precisely because of the destructive influence of the Russian Orthodox Church on Ukraine through the UOC (MP) hierarchs that they intend to ban the organization. The leadership of the UOC (MP) was urged to sever ties with the Moscow Patriarchate. Therefore, the manipulative reports spread by Russian propagandists referring to UOC (MP) followers do not correspond to reality.

    Earlier, the secretary of the National Security Council accused the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP) of trying to conceal its affiliation with Russia. Also, the official emphasized that the authorities are not fighting against the Church, but rather passing certain decisions against individuals who threaten national security.