Wednesday, March 15, 2023

    “Spirituality of Russians “myth”, just like that about Russian army’s might – Said Ismagilov

    When they talk about Russian spirituality, some kind of special religiosity, it is the same myth as the myths about the “world’s second-strongest army” and “Russian culture”.

    Said Ismagilov, the former mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine UMMA, who volunteered for the front after February 24 and is now fighting as part of one of the paramedic brigades in Bakhmut, said this in an interview with Ukrainian Pravda.

    He spoke about Russia’s spiritual void.

    “I am struck by the immorality of the enemy, they are stupidly shelling residential areas with civilians, who, unfortunately, are still there and for some reason are hesitant to evacuate… Today there was an elderly woman, her leg was simply torn off by shrapnel.

    I have no sympathy for the enemy. Absolutely. I see with my own eyes how inhumanely they act. So much so that it is a shock for Ukrainians and all normal people. And for the Russians themselves, it is the norm. They are really brought up like that. They really have such a pathetic level of morality that they commit their heinous crimes and not care at all.

    In religious studies there is such a term – “ritual belief”. This is when someone does not believe in God, moral virtues, values, but when the most important thing is to perform the ritual correctly. He hung the cross on himself, came to the temple, lit a candle, or donated something – well done! So much for spirituality.

    But none of these rites are filled with humanity. And the same person can behave like the worst criminal and sinner throughout his life. Like the worst creature.

    The spirituality of Russians is a void,” summed up Said Ismagilov.