Wednesday, February 1, 2023

    Not just a ban needed on Moscow Patriacrhate but actual criminal cases against priests – political scientist

    Today, it is important for Ukraine to put an end to everything related to the Russian Federation once and for all, and to get rid of its assets who try as hard as possible to pose as someone they are not. And with regard to the UOC (the one in unity with the Moscow Patriarchate), it should not be just a ban, but criminal cases that should be heard in courts.

    Political scientist Artem Bronzhukov expressed this opinion on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

    “Besides, this is not just about a ban on the Moscow Patriarchate, these should be criminal cases that should be heard in court. All the people who pretended to be church ministers in robes for years, but in fact were assets of the aggressor, should bear a completely fair and, most importantly, legal responsibility,” he said.

    The political scientist emphasized that the Russian Church has nothing to do with God.

    “For some people, it was not particularly important to draw parallels between the Ukrainian Church and Moscow Church. But today there are a lot of cases that can be cited as an example and precisely debunk myths about the Russian Church. It has nothing to do with God. This is precisely the promotion of Russian narratives of ‘Russian world’, this is covering of criminals. We can mention the Brazilian terrorist Lusvargi, who fought for the so-called ‘DPR’ and then hid in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. And it’s thanks to the Ukrainian patriots that he was found there,” added Bronzhukov.

    Also, in his opinion, it is necessary to work with people in terms of education and enlightenment.

    “If today, at the state level, we will engage in the policy of educating people about the Church, directing and explaining why the state makes such decisions, I think that no one will have such thoughts. Let’s recall the period before the full-scale invasion of Russia, then both in Mariupol and Kharkiv there were people who believed that, in principle, Russia was a friend and ally. But after the Russian bombs began to destroy peaceful citizens, erase whole neighborhoods from the face of the earth and showed that Putin’s position has nothing to do with friendship, alliance and humanism. The same should be translated to the Church and explained to people. I am sure that today in Ukraine no one has any hopes that Russia can be friends, except for open agents, which very often are representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate,” Artem Bronzhukov summarized.