Thursday, December 7, 2023

    We will rebuild our common home, make it even better than it was before war – Metropolitan Epifaniy

    Metropolitan Epifaniy, while in Lviv region, during the consecration of the temple, expressed his confidence in the successful post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. He noted that it will be even better than before the hostilities were unleashed.

    “Nowadays, in times of great sorrow and suffering for the Ukrainian people, brought to our peaceful home by enemies, consecrating this temple and rejoicing, we thereby also affirm our faith in the victory of God, in the victory of goodness and truth. We believe that just as this temple was built from stones, metal, wood, and other things thanks to the work of many, so, with God’s help, we will rebuild and make our common home, Ukraine, even better than it was before the war,” said the OCU, according to the press service of the Kyiv Metropolis.

    The Metropolitan added that although it is not easy to rebuild Ukraine, to gain victory over the enemy and a just peace for the nation, but with God’s help, what our people are working on and suffering for will be crowned with success.

    It should be recalled that the head of the OCU honored the fallen defenders of Ukraine at the Lychakivske cemetery. Also on August 9, in Lviv region, the head of the OCU consecrated a new majestic temple in the Solonka community. Over the past week, seven parishes of the UOC MP have joined the OCU.